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  • UPC: 645095003446
Smiling every time you think of your pet is good. Sneezing every time you think of your pet… not so much. Wipe away allergy-causing dander with TropiClean OXY-MED Allergy Relief Wipes. Each pre-moistened dog and cat friendly wipe has oatmeal, vitamin E, and Alpha-Hydroxy to wipe away dander, clean the skin, and leave your pal smelling fresh. A cat's favorite part? No rinsing required!

  • UPC: 645095003422
Get rid of the dirt, get rid of the itch, and say hello to a fresh-smelling pet! No trip to the park is complete without a wipe down from TripiClean! OXY-MED Soothing Bath Wipes are hypo-allergenic wipes that stop itching fast, moisturize the skin, and get rid of pet odor… all without needing to rinse! TropiClean Bath Wipes are pre-moistened and safe for cats and dogs.

  • UPC: 602644023089
Mild cleansers freshen and deodorize as the anti-oxidant properties of Green Tea Leaf extract protect from environmental damage. Helps resolve human/cat allergies and controls shedding.

  • UPC: 602644023065
Eartbath Hypo-Allergenic Cat Wipes with Awapuhi safely and easily wipe away dander, dirt and residual saliva in your finely furred friend's coat.

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