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Check out our large selection of beds at our pet shop in Fayetteville, NC, you’ll find some of the most comfortable beds in the industry in our store. You may even be tempted to take a nap with your pooch on some of these plush and comfy beds.

Toys are your Best Friends way of keeping them busy, so they don’t have time to think of destroying your furniture. Keep them occupied with the latest chew toys, made out of recycled, natural and long lasting durable materials, made to last longer than you could have ever imagined!

Getting out and exercising is so good for you and your Little Buddy but they can’t always make the distance can they? When you come home with an Outward Hound front pack to carry them in or a doggie stroller you will make their day! What about taking your Kitty out for a stroll in one and you’ll both can get some fresh air. Or bring him home one of his favorite kitty scratch pads-delightfully purrrrrrfect.